Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Best Photoshop CS4 OEM Review

Photoshop CS4 is the 11th version of the venerable and industry-standard imaging application from Adobe. It's hard to imagine that Adobe can continue to make major changes in Photoshop.

It seems that just about everything but the sink is already in the application, but again, Adobe has found a way to take a mature application and improve. In this review I will give you a first look at the new features found in Photoshop CS4. First, and a Windows-only feature is the support for very large files by running in 64-bit (with a 64-bit version of Windows).

Mac users will have to wait for a future version for 64-bit power. Photoshop CS4 also supports 3D acceleration through OpenGL compatible graphics card for faster performance with 3D operations for oem software.

Best Tips For Wedding Gifts Preparation

In preparation for the big day the bride and groom have many decisions to make and planning to do. It is a happy but busy and potentially stressful time for everyone involved. Even if a guest one of the major concerns is what gift you should present to the happy couple. It can be very difficult choosing a unique wedding present which conveys your congratulations to the happy couple. Although they will most likely appreciate a gift with the goal to present them with a wedding gift they can use or usually cherish is what people strive for. This is why personalized wedding presents are a great option and are certainly becoming more and more popular as people realize their potential.

It is often customary for people to a couple of wedding gifts that will benefit them in their new home as they set up to give a new life together. Although this option provides a practical side to your gift, many people worry this is boring and impersonal. Personalized wedding presents practical solution because they take and inject a more sentimental touch. There are so many items that you can customize. Some of the most popular practical items include wine glasses, champagne glasses, picture frames and clocks. While coming in a variety of materials, sizes and colors can be customized to your needs of finding a unique wedding present is a lot easier. Including the date of marriage, names of bride and groom or a part of their marriage vows are great ways to personalize these items. You might even be something intimate between you and them as a favorite saying or place you visit often together, so they are remembered forever and your congratulations. Personalized wedding presents are a great way to get your support themselves without anyone else having the same gift.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mandy + Bobby | Married!

<p><img src="http://www.hollandphotostudio.com/wp-content/themes/DeepFocus/timthumb.php?src=http://www.hollandphotostudio.com/wedding-photos/old-red-courthouse-wedding-004.jpg&amp;h=200&amp;w=300&amp;zc=1"/></p>Best Wedding Photo PostsCarly + Jason-Celestial Park Addison Engagement SessionMatt+Sarah-Valley Ranch Baptist Church WeddingFt. Worth Wedding Photography:Landrie and JonAnisha + Chet &#124; Engagement SessionSarah+Matt:Coppell Texas<div class="feedflare">
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HTC CEO reaffirms support for Google-Motorola deal

HTC CEO Peter Chou has reaffirmed the company’s support for the Android platform following Google’s announcement to purchase Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. Google’s PR had posted the very generic congratulatory remarks from its platform partners earlier this week, but Chou elaborated more on HTC’s stance during his interview today, revealing that the company has [...]

Gresso shows off extremely rugged mobile phone

The last time we talked about Gresso was last year when the company showed off a seriously high-end iPad that had a wooden case made of 200-year old wood and an 18K gold Apple logo. Not everything that Gresso makes is packed with bling and wood though. The company has unveiled its new super rugged [...]