Monday, August 28, 2006

ATO iPod Video Recorder: iSee 360i

Looks like ATO has made the first iPod Video Recorder to cater to the new iPod video: The iSee 360i. You can now store shows from DVD, PVR, television, or any other source on your iPod for later viewing. It's even got a 3.6-inch LCD screen with controls for watching movies or shows on older iPods. Like most third-party products, though, it has flaws. It won't work with a 60GB iPod 5G nor with anything below 4G. iPod mini is supported as well as the nano with an adaptor. The iSee 360i also features a rechargable battery to extend viewing times.

iPod Sock

What the hell is this? Is Apple going to start selling a branded iPod Sock? Is it just a promotional item? Will it come with the new iPod Photo? Will it be available in different colors? Is it because they want us to fill the iPod Photo with porn? Is it machine washable?
It's sort of like an elastic Foofpod.
Available for $29 for 6!

iCarrier iPod Tower

The iPod is a very special thing. It deserves a massive set of speakers with sub-woofer and remote and you shouldn't, quite obviously just hook your iPod up to your stereo receiver and maybe get one of those less expansive iPod remote control things. Therefore, we will say very little about the iCarrier and let you all just bask in its phallic glory.

Sendstation iPod PocketDock Combo

The iPod PocketDock combo is a device that attaches to the dock port of your iPod and in turn, features a standard USB 2.0 or Firewire port. You can now connect your iPod Video and iPod Nano to any computer with those ports.

That's it. Seriously. That's all it does. Think we're joking? Look at the picture. What, you don't trust us? We slave all day for you, and this is the thanks we get? We're going to our mothers. Don't bother calling.

Griffin introduces line of iPod cases

Griffin Technology, the company that just can't stop making iPod products, announced 3 new iPod case lines (and 1 that's been around for a bit). Pictured above is the Trio for the iPod nano. $24.99 gets you a nano case with two interchangeable covers (hence the name).

Griffin is also offering the Tempo which is an armband that can hold either a full sized iPod or a nano for $24.99. The Vizor is a leather case designed for a full sized iPod that has a flip cover and a clip for $24.99 (I'm noticing a trend). Finally, the iClear, which Griffin has been offering for awhile, is a transparent polycarbonate case for the shuffle, nano, or full sized iPod that protects the iPod but still allows you to see it and access all of its controls for $19.99.

tub Speaker system

When I first heard about the tub MP3 Speaker system I was hoping that it would, somehow, be a speaker that would float in your tub and pump out some sweet tunes (am I the only one that like to bath whilst rocking our to a little John Tesh?). Sadly, or rather much more realistically, it is just a tub looking speaker with three rubberized feet for stability.

Brookstone claims that the design is 'just plain fun,' and while I'm not sure I agree at $50 the price isn't too bad. Plus, it'll work with any MP3 player, though why would you want to use anything other than an iPod?


TrailRunner is a neat application that turns any iPod into a workout planning machine, in a way. The application allows you to interactively plan a route, whether it be for running, inline skating, bicycling or what have you, and export those directions to your iPod. This way you'll never be lost on a workout again (I avoid that problem by never working out).

TrailRunner suggests a donation of 21 €.

Razer introduces feature-packed keyboard with iPod dock

Is that plain-jane Apple Keyboard starting to feel a little lax in the feature department? Do you find yourself wanting for, say, 10 programmable hotkeys and dedicated iTunes control keys? How does a built-in iPod dock sound, with an audio line out port for the ultimate in keyboard luxury and integration?

If your keyboard juices are 'a flowin, check out the new Pro|Type™ Multimedia Keyboard from Razer Pro|Solutions, a decked-out keyboard with all the fixins, except a cup holder. No pricing or availability has been announced, but we'll let you know as soon as we hear when you'll have yet another option for keeping your iPod front and center in your life.

iScorch to the rescue

I lost my lighter to airport security the other day. So I was resigned to being unprepared for the inevitable flame tribute to the bands at the Lyons Folks Festival tonight. That is, until I came across this post at Cult of Mac about the iScorch. I'll just hold up my iPod Video and let this video be my torch. There's also an iScorch for the Nano and the iPod Photo.

The safest iPod on your block

I've got an iPod nano, and I'll admit that it almost never, ever leaves its case. While not everyone is as scratch-phobic as I am, I know that I'm not alone. Check out the iTank cases by YoTank. Formed from a single piece of machined aluminum, the iTank nano weighs 3 oz., costs $45US and all but guarantees that you will be pulled aside at the security checkpoint in your local airport. iTank cases are also available for the iPod mini and iPod with video with a polished aluminum finish (black coming soon).

If you don't feel safe with this thing on your iPod, you never will.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Carbon Fiber iPod Case

Every once in a while an iPod case stands out from the rest of the ugly ducklings and makes us salivate. This is a carbon fiber iPod case designed by C6 Manufacturing. It is constructed of carbon fiber, aluminum and stainless steel screws to hold it all together. It is available for the video and nano models of iPod for $50.

Jukebox Station: iPod Connections, Seven Speakers, Blinkinlights

Take a look at the Jukebox Station, a 3-foot-tall iPod-ready music machine with FM radio, CD player, and an attractive array of LEDs designed by Saffire USA. There's a universal docking cradle inside for any iPod accepting such connections, and you can also hook up your video iPod to a TV using SVideo or composite outputs. And if you don't have an iPod, don't feel bad, you can connect any music player into its 3.5mm mini-jack input.
Two magnetically-shielded tweeters, a couple of midrange drivers and a six-inch sub blast out 72 watts' worth of sound from this mini jukebox, and it's all controlled with an IR remote. Plus, if you're worried about somebody jacking that 'pod, you can lock the window to the compartment where it sits.

At first we thought this was a full-sized jukebox, but even though it's just 3 feet tall, it's still a unique package for what is otherwise just another iPod speaker system, albeit one with ample power and seven speakers. Available at Target on October 2, it'll be a cool $699.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Teac CD-X10i and MC-DX22i NXT-enabled CD Players With iPod Dock

These two ultra-thin CD players from Teac not only include two Hollywood-actress-slim speakers and a subwoofer, they also include an iPod dock. The CD player supports regular CDs along with MP3 CDs, CD-R and CD-RW discs. An AM/FM tuner also allows you to listen to the barren wasteland known as drive-time radio now that Howard Stern's moved to satellite.
Of course the more important feature for us on the CD-X10i (left) and MC-DX22i (right) is the iPod dock. It fits all standard dock-compatible iPods and charges your iPod while playing. The CD-X10i will be $249 and the MC-DX22i will be $299 when they're available later in August.

iWood Red, Wooden iPod Case For The U2 iPod

Miniot, the same company that brought us all sorts of wooden iPod accessories, is at it again, this time with an eye toward Bono and the Edge. The iWood Red is made from padouk wood, giving it a reddish tint, hence matching the U2 edition of the iPod. Like previous iWoods, the iWood Red can be outfitted with a monogram of your choice along with two lines of text. Magnets hold the sides of the wooden case shut and it comes in a sturdy box with a free bon bon thrown in for good measure.

The iPod Red can be had for around $95.

Apple iPod Ads: Too Racy for the USA

Sometimes living in the United States is downright oppressive. The terrorists want our whole society to vanish, and the advertisements are dumbed down and scrubbed clean for the sake of a few highly vocal prudes. Not so in the Czech Republic, where the copy accompanying this iPod advertisement reads, "iPod, the best 'partner' for this year." Or maybe it reads, "iPod, better than sex this year." Accurate translations are invited and welcome.

And now we'll probably get complaints for showing this ad here. We're betting none of those whiners will come from Europe. Anyway, nice way to wake up on a Friday morning.

Griffin announces PowerBlock Travel USB charger

Griffin has beefed up their PowerBlock USB charging accessory with international adapters, allowing your iPod and any other device that juices up through USB to roam the world and keep on kickin'. The three included adapters cover Continental Europe, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, the U.S. and Japan. I think this pictured travel bag is also new. Either way, the PowerBlock Travel is priced at $34.99 and is available now from Griffin's site.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Chainmail iPod Sleeve

The cult of the iPod case is a lot bigger than most imagine. Colleagues of mine sometimes have competitions to see who has the least scratches and then discuss the best means of transporting the iPod without scratching. For those of us who don't really care, then this case is perfect. It is knitted out of chain mail and a great accessory for your next for any renaissance fair or S&M meeting. You wouldn't believe how many people in the world are worried about their iPod getting hit with a sword or axe and want proper protection.

It does contain a belt loop so the iPod can be displayed with honor on the outside of your body armor. There's also enough room for all relevant iPod accessories.

Retractable iBud Headphones From Thanko

The iBud is a pair of headphones that attempts to solve the problem of inappropriate cord length, an idea that a few companies are starting to get behind. The in-ear headphones are connected to a small reel where unused cord is stored. Need more length? Just give 'em a little tug and away you go. Thanko also promises that the headphones don't completely sound like trash, and given the in-ear design, a reasonable level of external noise isolation can be expected.

The iBud should retail for around $85.

iPod Hoodies

Thanks to a UK company, you can now fancy up your iPod to match you when you don't feel like dressing up. These mini hoodies are gray, and could protect your iPod from droppage. The regular iPod model will cost you $20 with the iPod mini version running a couple bucks cheaper. Yeah, it is kind of lame, but what can you expect on a slow news day?

H2O Waterproof Headphones

Take your music with you while you're doing your underwater basketweaving with the H2O Audio Waterproof Headphones, completely water resistant down to a depth of 10 feet. Coupled with a waterproof iPod housing from H2O Audio, you can take your tunes down to Davy Jones Locker without worrying about ruining anything. They're probably not suitable for scuba diving, but watertight enough for the deepest backyard pool.

If you yourself are water-resistant, the headphones' durable neckband holds them tightly in place for some rip-roaring skiing action, too. Available for $39.

Logitec LDS-Ri700 iPod Dock

Given that the WWDC was pretty much a flop for anything iPod or portable media related, we present to you more and more iPod accessories to feed that need until Apple gets off their lazy asses to give us something new. Logitec—note the lack of the "h" at the end—has released the LDS-Ri700 iPod speaker dock. It has a DBSS for bumpin' and thumpin' along with a AM/FM radio, LCD screen, alarm clock and TV-out for use with the video iPod. Should be available later this fall for around $170, which is a bit pricey for an off-brand iPod dock if I do say so myself—whatever, it is an iPod accessory and that is all that really matters.

Wikipedia on Your iPod

Despite what the haters say, it's hard to deny Wikipedia its place in the sun. Now you can load up the online encyclopedia on your (third or fourth generation) iPod. Folks with newer iPods, such as the nano or fifth-generation iPod with video, will be disappointed to find out their iPods aren't compatible. A kind fellow by the name of Robert Balmer took the trouble to convert the whole of Wikipedia into an iPod-compatible 800MB chunk. Of course, being based on the free encyclopedia, Wikipedia for iPod is totally free. So the next time you're in a heated debate about where Lionel Messi was born or how many diphthongs are in Portuguese, just whip out your trusty iPod and show everybody who's boss.

iPod Lounge Chair Speaker Set

When your iPod gets tired of playing Bon Jovi over and over again, it's going to want a rest. Why not let it rest in style in an iPod Lounge Chair? This colorful accessory comes in colors like pink, blue, and black, and has cute little bendy arms to hold your iPod in place. But that's not all, folks! This chair also doubles as a speaker set. The legs contain speakers (one in each leg) for some tunes while sunbathing. Who said the iPod doesn't deserve a tan?

Marware announces universal Nike + iPod sensor pouch

Aside from all the pioneering DIYers out there, we've already found one retail accessory from Nike themselves that lets you use the Nike + iPod kit with any shoe, but now Marware has joined the race with their Sportsuit Sensor+ (looks like the '+' is becoming a hot new accessory to accessory names). This tiny pouch is form-fitted for the sensor and can attach to any shoe's laces via velcro. As icing on the cake, the pouch also has room to store the wireless receiver when not in use, and it protects the sensor "from all the elements that serious runners encounter." I guess they could've said 'it's weatherproof,' but that doesn't have the same flair.

The Sportsuit Sensor+ is a mere $10 and is available for pre-order now.

Rip, mix, save and convert YouTube videos for your iPod with TubeSock

If saving YouTube videos as favorites and making your own playlists online with their services isn't enough to quench your thirst for their literal flood of content, TubeSock lets you take things one step further by allowing you to save the videos and even convert them for your iPod. It's a small utility that allows you to enter a YouTube URL or simply a video ID, and it can show you a preview of the movie and offer a couple of saving and export options including H.264, PSP, audio-only and even a plain Flash FLV file. TubeSock can also install a bookmarklet in Safari for speedier delivery, and it can even send exported videos straight into iTunes to complete the ultimate YouTube-to-iPod workflow.

After playing with the demo, I'm impressed. Compression is impressively speedy, and for bonus points it automatically cleans up the Flash file it dowloads once exporting is done.

The demo is limited to exporting only the first 30 seconds of any video until you fork over the $15 registration fee. TubeSock is a Universal Binary and available from stinkbot.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

iBlaster Clock Radio For The iPod

The iBlaster is an AM/FM alarm clock from Excalibur Electronics that integrates with the iPod. Also included in the package is an infrared remote control. It's compatible with all models of the iPod thanks to a series of different sized dock adapters. The back of the radio has a number of ports like S-Video and composite audio/video out so that you can connect it to external devices, like real speakers. (A fine idea for a clock radio, to be sure.)

iPodweek - The Best of iLounge

This week at iLounge: Two of Bose's most famous iPod-compatible products have been challenged by aggressive new alternatives. Still the top-selling iPod speaker dock despite its price, Bose's $300 all-in-one speaker system SoundDock has two new competitors, both of which we've reviewed. Altec Lansing's M602 is a bigger dock with bass and treble controls, plus all sorts of rear ports that were missing from Bose's design. And Sonic Impact's T24 delivers even warmer sound than the SoundDock, with noticeably deeper bass. Both systems are available now for $100 less than the SoundDock — which should you buy?

Hit the jump for all kinds of iGoodness.

YoTank Mililtary-Grade MP3 Player Cases

Surely everyone out there accidentally detonates their MP3 player from time to time, right? I know I do. The YoTank MP3 player cases are milled from solid blocks of aluminum and can stand a RPG or mortar shell explosion 85 percent of the time. Jokes aside this is actually a good invention for our troops serving overseas that treasure their MP3 players. They make cases for the iPod nano, video, mini and the Creative Zen Vision:M. Prices range from $35 to $75.

Product Page

Altec Lansing M602 iPod/MP3 Speakers

These Altec Lansing M602 iPod speakers look like they're much better than the little tiny iPod speakers we got off Woot one drunken night. The M602 has a wireless remote, wall-mount kit, universal iPod dock that can hook up to your computer, and composite video out for 5G iPod TV hookup. There's even a headphone jack for private listening, when you need to hide your Milli Vanilli shame.

Best yet, fans of anything-but-iPod MP3 players can place their player in the "Universal MP3 cradle". The speakers will cost you $199 and is available now.

EarMecca EP Series: Earphones and Earrings in One

The quest for de-uglification of earphones continues, and here's a pair cleverly disguised as earrings. From EarMecca of Korea, the EP Series Earphones might even appeal to persnickety types. The earrings are available in 10 different designs, are crafted in either gold or silver, and are adjustable even for those ears that hang low and wobble to and fro.

If they sound nearly as good as they look, these designers might be onto something. But then, these graphics we found don't show what happens to all those wires leading to the music player. Now if they could design these with Bluetooth in each ear ... well, we may have to wait a few years for that. Available now in Korea; no word if they will be available in the United States or at what price.

1984 Macintosh iPod Case

It must be vintage computing day around these parts because now we have another new product with a little old school feel. This iPod case has a vintage look and has none other than the original 1984 Macintosh plastered on the front. It will support all model of the iPod and includes foam padding in case you feel the need to throw a sledgehammer at it. The Computer Rock case is available for $35 over at Gerbera Designs.

Latest iPod remote accessory: an umbrella?

Those searching for something a little more unique in realm of iPod accessories need look no further than the iBrella, certainly one of the most ingenious iPod remotes I've ever seen. With the power of an accelerometer, a hall-effect sensor, a gyroscope and a PIC microcontroller, this clever iPod hacker was able to turn his umbrella (in stylish white, of course) into an iPod controller, complete with movements for volume adjustment, track selection, play/pause and even a mode switch. I wonder if Griffin is trying to get in touch with this guy as you read this.

Check out for more details on the what and how.

Get an iPod user's attention

I love my iPod, and you love yours. However, it's quite true that you can drift off to another planet while you're plugged into that thing (I sat right through my subway stop over the weekend because Gnarls Barkley was on). It's worse if you've got to somehow communicate with one of these plugged-in drones. What do you do?
Try waving one of Lot 49's PodSigns flash cards around. This printable PDF includes several cards designed to get your pal's attention (my favorite one is pictured above). Sure, it's silly, but funny.

Next iPod an eBook reader?

Engadget is reporting that reliable sources claim that the next iPod will have plenty of screen real estate and have an eBook reading mode. It seems that a major publishing shop just sent Apple all of their archived manuscripts, so unless Steve has been jonesing for some reading material books might be coming to an iPod near you.

I, personally, can't wait for this since I'm a big reader and I would love eBooks to really take off and iPod involvement can't but help.

First pictures of Levi iPod enabled jeans

And now pictures have surfaced. As you can see these Levi Jeans feature iPod controls, an iPod pocket, and a red cable connector (for the controls I imagine). Pricing is not yet available, though we do know they'll be called the RedWire DLX.
Update: I only read English (I blame my parents) so I didn't notice that these jeans are available for 200 Euros in the Levis stores located in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Brussels, and Gent. So, get a plane ticket and get your hands on some 'smart jeans.'

Levi's announces iPod-ready jeans

If you love your Levi's as much as you love your iPod, you're gonna love this. Levi's has announced the launch of its new Redwire DLX Jeans, complete with features for carrying and controlling your iPod. The jeans will have:
A built-in iPod docking cradle in the side pocket. The company promises that the iPod bump will be hard to see.
A joystick remote control that fits in the watch pocket. The joystick will let you play/pause, move forward and back, and adjust volume without removing the iPod from your pocket.
A retractable headphone built into the jeans that's billed as a way to "prevent tangles and efficiently manage the iPod earphone wires."
Levis is planning to make the Redwire DLX Jeans available worldwide in the Fall of 2006. If you get your hands on a pair, just remember to take the iPod out of your pocket before you throw them in the wash.

Griffin releases TuneFlex for iPod

I use a Griffin RoadTrip as an iPod charger/FM transmitter in my car. It works wonderfully, but there is one thing I don't like about it. While it allows me to swivel the iPod up and down, I can't move it left to right. The power outlet in my car is situated so that the iPod is essentially facing the passenger's seat, making it very difficult for me to read its screen. This is aggravating and dangerous at 65 m.p.h. The TuneFlex looks like it addresses this issue.

It's a charger that mounts your iPod on a fully flexible arm that includes a line out port (if you have one of those cassette adapters) as well as room enough to attach an iTrip. Sure, you've got to buy two products to get auto charging and FM transmission, but that's much more desirable that hitting a telephone pole.

The TuneFlex ships with a wired cassette adapter and a trial version of iFill. Check it out for $49.99US.

Care to dock that iPod?

At the San Francisco International Gift Fair, held Aug. 5-8 at the city's Moscone Center, some vendors hawked inexpensive tech gifts for iPod enthusiasts amid the aisles of kitchen kitsch, candles, purses and heaping trays of jewelry.

Atech Flash Technology offered the KB-Reader keyboard, which comes with an iPod dock (left), and universal card reader. Available through the company's Web site for a retail price of $39.95, the KB-Reader is compatible with Windows 98 SE/2000/ME/XP or later and Mac OS 9.0 or later.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mirage iPod Dock With Omnipolar Technology

Meu Deus, um novo iPod dock! Very little concrete information is known about this iPod dock from Mirage other than that it uses "omnipolar technology" to "break the sound barrier." Hot dog! Assuming this means that it uses some marketing speak to improve the sound eminating from the iPod, it's probably not too different from the myriad iPod speaker docks out there.

Additional, this dock features a screen where the iPod with video's images are projected. It's unknown whether or not the images are actually projected, but that's what the picture seems to indicate. That, or whether or not flaming, dancing people are included with the dock. That's still up in the air as well.

The dock isn't even on Mirage's Web site yet to give you an idea of just how shiny and new it is. Hopefully, more details will emerge in the near future.

Show Us Your 'Pod Giveaway

Belkin has put together a nice little iPod nano package that will be given away to one lucky winner.

Show us your 'pod. Easy as that. Taken your iPod with you to the top of Mt. Everest? Show us the picture proof. Have an extremely elaborate iPod docking system for your ride? Prove it. Have an alternate use for your iPod, like a door stop or puppy killer? Show us. Built a shrine for your iPod? We want to see what you have done with your treasured white (or black) baby. This is a pretty open contest, but whatever you show us must be in picture format, and no bigger than 520 pixels wide. Bonus points are awarded for creativity and cool-ness. Once you are ready, shoot the picture over to with SHOW US YOUR 'POD in the subject. You may include a brief back-story to your picture, if need be. The contest will end next Friday, August 11 at noon eastern.

Oh, you want to know what is in the iPod nano package from Belkin? Belkin will be giving one winner a TuneBase FM, Folio Case (winners choice of color) and a TuneCommand AV. The retail value of this package is $190. Big props to Belkin for sponsoring this contest and providing the prizes. The usual Gawker Contest Rules apply.

Griffin PowerJolt iPod Auto Charger

Those of you with cars, you'll be glad to know Griffin's finally gotten around to redesigning and updating their PowerJolt iPod Auto Charger. Not only is it not completely butt ugly now, but they include a second cable, for connecting to the iTrip or another mini-USB port device.

The new and imrpoved PowerJolt works with the 5G iPod (video), Nano, Shuffle, iPod Photo, and 4th Gen iPod (click wheel); MSRP is $19.99.

Griffin PowerJolt iPod Auto Charger

We can't imagine this working very well, but Princeton Japan will soon be shipping its PCK-UAV video transmitter, letting you plug in any device with audio and composite video outputs using an RCA jack, whose signal is then transmitted to any TV receiver tuned to the UHF band.

Targeted at iPods, it's designed to eliminate the need to deal with cables and plugs into your television set. But then, you'll need to deal with cables and plugs with your iPod. If this works like FM transmitters for iPods to car radios, this is not going to be worth the $70 tariff for owning one.

And please, do the rest of us motorists a favor and don't use it as indicated in the illustration above to watch videos while you're driving.

‘Johnny Bravo’ Comes to The iPod

Turner Broadcasting System and Apple have announced that hit programming from CNN, Adult Swim and Cartoon Network is now available for purchase and download on the iTunes Music Store ( The new content features such favorites as Cartoon Network’s “Johnny Bravo,” Adult Swim’s “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” and original episodes of “CNN Presents,” all available for viewing on a computer or iPod.

For the last three months, Adult Swim has been offering free video podcasts via iTunes, ranking among the most popular television podcasts on the service. In addition to this new effort, CNN has been offering original podcasts, as well as “Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer” and “Reliable Sources” to iTunes users for free for just over a month.

CNN will provide original episodes of “CNN Presents,” including “Taming the Beast: Inside the War on Cancer,” “The Fight Over Faith” and “Captured: Inside the Army’s Secret School.” Drawing from the world’s largest cartoon library, Cartoon Network will provide episodes from the network’s series “Johnny Bravo” (season one). Adult Swim, Cartoon Network’s late night sister service dedicated to edgy animated comedy and action series, will provide episodes from original productions, including “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” “The Venture Bros.,” and “Sealab 2021″ (season three).

The iTunes Music Store features a selection of over 9,000 music videos, Pixar and Disney short films, a variety of hit TV shows, and more than three million songs from the major music companies and over 1,000 independent labels.

Touchscreen iPod Due This November Says Our Secret Source

Apple's upcoming iPod will make its debut this November and will definitely feature a touchscreen, Gizmodo has learned. Let's just say that we have a couple of people fairly high up the Apple food chain who have made it known that the iPod's touchscreen is truly the bee's knees. Apple is also apparently working its tail off to make sure that the planned November launch of the new iPod will still happen.

Our super secret sources didn't reveal any information regarding the iPod's rumored wireless capabilities, however.

Oh, and those pictures? Those were supplied by a fine reader of ours, Samuel Mularczyk. Supposedly, they were found on Apple's Web site. Granted, they pictures do read "iPhone," but no one ever said that the iPod and iPhone won't be one in the same, right? (But yes, it could just be another silly mock up.)

Pod Cowboy iBass iPod Speaker

If you're looking for an iPod dock/speaker system, preferably one that looks like a bandaid and has a silly name, the Pod Cowboy iBass is available in white and black (with matching remote) and will set you back ¥9,000 in Japan or $99 from AudioCubes.

Pod Cowboy iBass
CowBoy iP200 Pod COWBOY iBass iPod Speaker

Umundo offers cell-to-iPod sharing

Umundo today introduced a free service allowing video iPod users to view, publish, and share video clips taken with camera-enabled phones or mobile devices. The free service requires no registration or subscription, and users can transfer video clips as well as pictures directly via multimedia messaging service (MMS) or email. Umundo utilizes its own RSS Syndication Engine, a patent pending technology that enables tagging, filtering, media format conversion, and bittorrent P2P distribution. "We have included viewing on a Video iPod as an option to offer more choice to the consumer; we convert the files produced by phones (3GPP and 3GPP2) to the format accepted by the iPod device (H.264), to bring a high quality video," said Prashant Parekh, founder and CEO of Umundo.


Urban riders listen to music instead of the traffic sounds around them at their own peril, but if you ride somewhere safe like paths or tracks maybe you'll be interested in the iBikeMount, which lets you attach your iPod Nano to your bike's handlebars. It's a little pricey for what it is at $29.99, but you can use it on exercise bikes, baby strollers and even lawnmowers if you want to.

iVideoToGo copies DVDs to iPod video

InterVideo recently introduced InterVideo iVideoToGo, a Microsoft Windows-only application that copies personal videos for playback on Apple's video iPod. Much like DVD to iPod Converter for Mac users, the software allows users to quickly convert existing DVDs and video files to an iPod-compatible format for playback on the portable device. Claiming to be one of the fastest conversion tools on the market, iVideoToGo boasts a simple easy-to-use interface that utilizes a single window for all tasks. Three steps are required to complete the copy process, allowing beginners to successfully use the software immediately. The application supports MPEG 4, H.264, DVD videos, AVI, MPEG , WMV, MOV, MP4, DivX, ASF, DVR-MS, 3GP and other formats. InterVideo iVideoToGo is available for $30, and requires Microsoft Windows 2000/XP.

iDocker iPod Speakers

If you're looking for an iPod charging dock and speaker system that won't break the bank, these iDocker iPod Speakers are only $29.90 and come with a remote control. We can't imagine the sound quality is going to be spectacular, but if the price is right, hey. It's not like they could possibly sound worse than speakers made out of cardboard, right?

XtremeMac MicroMemo to Ship This Summer

When it was first told you about the XtremeMac MicroMemo, it was due to ship in this Spring for $79.95, but now the company tells us it be shipping "this summer" for $59.95. It's designed for the iPod with video and lets you record 16-bit audio and 22kHz or 44kHz using its flexible mic.

There's a built-in speaker for instant playback and it's powered by the iPod itself. If you don't like that attached microphone, the MicroMemo will also let you plug in your own external mic, as long as it has a 3.5mm plug. MicroMemo is now available for pre-order on the XtremeMac website.

Make New iFriends With the iBag Turntable

With the iBag turntable, you could conceivably annoy the living daylights out of your fellow citizens this holiday weekend. Sure, it may look like a child's toy bag that probably costs $2 to make, but it's actually a clever, multi-talented iPod-integrated bag (that probably costs $2 to make).

Stereo speakers on the outside of the bag play either your iPod's tunes or your local FM rock station's 4th of July Countdown. (I wonder if "Stairway" wins again this year?) There's a pouch on the inside to hold your cellphone or iPod, since just leaving them in the bag proper is 2s9d7d silly.

So, if you have any interest in carrying around a $60 bag that looks like it was beat up by a box of crayons, the iBag looks like an iDeal.

iSoundCap: iPod and Cables, Tucked Away Up Top

Getting fed up with all those wires hanging off your iPod shuffle or nano? Now you can hold that player in a perfectly-sized compartment stitched into the iSoundCap. The hat also has a sleeve that stores all the wires leading to and from that iPod, leaving only your earbuds dangling down to your ears in just the right position.
Looks like the iSoundCap places your iPod in just the right spot, even if you get really sweaty. But if you soak through your hat on a day like those we've had this summer with temperatures well into the 90s, that iPod might get short-circuited. Versions for shuffle or nano are available now for $29.95, with 10% off if you enter the coupon code listed on the company's website.

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Elecom Ear Drops Earphones: Cheap Hookers Listen to Music, Too

These Ear Drops Earphones from Elecom are sure to delight that young lady in somebody else's life; they're spangled with crystals and fully decorated with that certain esthetic that's so appropriate for that dime-store Cleopatra who lives next door. And no, we're not going to use the word "bling."

Cheapness aside, we're all for putting yet another decoration on the female form of which we are all so fond. Why didn't anyone think of this before (or maybe they did): instead of earrings, tricked-out earbuds? Nice idea. Pricing wasn't announced, but they'll soon be available on