Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nissan nav-compatible Bluetooth for iPod

mobilecast has announced a new iPod Bluetooth transmitter that is compatible with the CARWINGS HDD navigation system from Nissan. The transmitter allows users to listen to music stored on their iPods wirelessly through car speakers on select vehicles. The device allows self-contained control of the iPod, creating a wireless remote setup. It also offers switching between Bluetooth hands-free (HF) communication and Bluetooth data communications. Pricing has been set at 7,800 yen.

The manufacturer says: "As a solutions vendor that focuses on wireless personal area networking (PAN), mobilecast worked with Nissan in developing and marketing an iPod Bluetooth Transmitter that is compatible with Nissan's HDD car navigation. Bluetooth technology is the subject of great international anticipation as a safe, secure, and easy solution for vehicles. Consequently, this collaboratively developed product is drawing considerable attention as a model for wireless solution in ITS (Intelligent wireless solution in ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems and Services)."


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