Thursday, September 13, 2007

Logitech launches Pure-Fi Elite

Remember when I told you about the Logitech Pure-Fi Dream (link below)? Well, it looks like Logitech has upped the ante and launched the Pure-Fi Elite!

The system produces 80 watts split over two 1-inch speakers and two 4-inch subwoofers. Even better, you can tweak the sound field by using the 3D spatialization feature to enhance higher or lower frequencies. Much like the Dream, the Elite will also include an LCD that displays track progress from an attached iPod or tuning info from the built-in AM/FM radio.

The Elite outputs audio from any dockable iPod and accepts general input through an auxiliary input jack. It also sports RCA and S-video outputs so you can watch video from your iPod on your TV.

Look for the Elite next month for $300.

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