Monday, March 26, 2007

iDog for your entertainment

Around the iPod mania have appeared many gadgets and devices. One of them is the iDog. Now you can plug your iPod into iDog and listen to your favorite tracks. iDog feeds on the music played. Its moods are changing from a song to another. Its personality depends on the type of music you listen. iDog has a LED on its face that shows its mood. The color of the lights reflects its personality and the flashing LED light patterns and animations show its mood.
iDog is compatible with the most part of CD players, MP3 players or other music devices. The iDog can listen to the music through its built-in microphone. You can sit the dog near a stereo speaker and see how it reacts. iDog requires two AA batteries. It doesn’t download or store music. Good news about the price - only $29.95!

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