Monday, March 26, 2007

X-240 Speaker System From Logitech

Logitech,a world leader among the companies that offer accessories for computers and computers related devices, presented this new set of computer speakers this month at CES.
Looking at the X-240, the first thing that draws our attention is the sleek beautiful design that makes this devices easily fit everywhere, from the office to the living room. Yet, the main advantage of using this device is the possibility of connecting it to your iPod, Zune, PDA or other portable media device trough the new cradle. Using this connection you can play the files from the device, while also synchronizing and charging it and, when you are done you, can easily hide the cradle.
Moving to the specs part of this review I have to draw your attention toward the 25 W of power that comes from two satellites of 5 W each and a 15 W subwoofer. You may also want to know that the speakers offers a 40Hz-20KHz frequency response and that Logitech has set the price to just $49.99

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