Friday, March 16, 2007

iPod Bed

I've seen lots of products use iPod compatibility as a selling point, but the iBed Pause Bed from Design Mobel might just take the cake. According to the product page - the "most exciting feature" of the optional shelves is how "seamlessly" they incorporate the iPod and Bose Speaker System into the design.

If you want to sell me a bed, talk to me about comfort or even the overall aesthetics. But using an iPod stand as a bed-selling feature? That's just plain silly. Now, if the shelf incorporated a charging dock, that might be something. What ever happened to the idea of form and function? I stand (or, perhaps, lie down) corrected - the iPod station on the shelf is, in fact, a universal charging dock. Those of us who sleep on non-musically enabled beds clearly aren't sufficiently rested enough to post first thing in the morning.

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