Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mirage iPod Dock With Omnipolar Technology

Meu Deus, um novo iPod dock! Very little concrete information is known about this iPod dock from Mirage other than that it uses "omnipolar technology" to "break the sound barrier." Hot dog! Assuming this means that it uses some marketing speak to improve the sound eminating from the iPod, it's probably not too different from the myriad iPod speaker docks out there.

Additional, this dock features a screen where the iPod with video's images are projected. It's unknown whether or not the images are actually projected, but that's what the picture seems to indicate. That, or whether or not flaming, dancing people are included with the dock. That's still up in the air as well.

The dock isn't even on Mirage's Web site yet to give you an idea of just how shiny and new it is. Hopefully, more details will emerge in the near future.

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