Tuesday, August 08, 2006

iSoundCap: iPod and Cables, Tucked Away Up Top

Getting fed up with all those wires hanging off your iPod shuffle or nano? Now you can hold that player in a perfectly-sized compartment stitched into the iSoundCap. The hat also has a sleeve that stores all the wires leading to and from that iPod, leaving only your earbuds dangling down to your ears in just the right position.
Looks like the iSoundCap places your iPod in just the right spot, even if you get really sweaty. But if you soak through your hat on a day like those we've had this summer with temperatures well into the 90s, that iPod might get short-circuited. Versions for shuffle or nano are available now for $29.95, with 10% off if you enter the coupon code listed on the company's website.

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