Friday, July 28, 2006

Apple iPod continue to dominate the digital music player market

Apple Computers changed the way people looked at digital music players when they launched the first iPod a couple of years back.

A lot has changed since then but the legendary iPod continues to dominate the market in its new avatars.

And despite the launch of many more competing digital music players in the market, Apple iPod continues to remain the top selling player.

Market analysts however have said that the company is facing delays in launching the next generation iPod, which might hamper the growth in the coming months.

But, the company still managed to ship 8.11 million iPods worldwide in the quarter ended July 1. This was somewhat down from 8.53 million shipped by the company in the last quarter.

Apple is also going to face more competition as SanDisk is also entering the market with some really value for money products. However, with holiday season coming on, Apple should have something up their sleeves to cater to the whole lot of people who would be going to acquire the new generation of digital music and video players.

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