Thursday, July 27, 2006

High-res photos of Apple's Nike+iPod Sport Kit

Apple Computer on Thursday began selling its new Nike+iPod wireless Sport Kit that allows Nike+ footwear to talk with an iPod nano, and we've got some photos of the $30 device.
The Nike+iPod Sport Kit packaging is very similar to that of Apple's iPod nano lanyard headphones. In fact, the dimensions of the two retail boxes are identical.

Upon picking up our kits, our attention was almost immediately drawn to the weight of the boxes. They are much heavier than expected, primarily because Apple splurged for semi-glossy color instruction manuals (which include instructions in five languages).

In addition to the manual, each kit includes an Apple warranty pamphlet, software license booklet, an in-shoe sensor and a wireless transmitter. Both the sensor and transmitter are incredibly small. In fact, the devices are so tiny that we're betting it'll only be a matter of time before someone offers up a blog posting explaining how a small dog ate their iPod sensor and ran a 5-minute mile.

We'll have much more on the Nike+iPod kit in the coming weeks. However, if you're looking to pick one up today, you can swing by most Apple, NikeWomen or Niketown retail store locations.
The kit

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