Friday, July 28, 2006

iPod generation might face hearing problems in the future

We now have more reports coming out in the market saying that listening to digital music players loudly over the headphones over a long period can cause permanent damage to hearing.

Now a group named Deafness Research UK has warned that teenagers who are listening to iPod and other players today at relatively high volume risk going deaf 30 years earlier than their parents’ generation.

The group surveyed and found out that in Britain alone 14 percent of 16-34 year-olds use their personal music players for 28 hours a week. And a lot of these users accepted that they had ringing in the ear, a sign of damage to hearing, after listening to loud music.

Vivienne Michael, chief executive of Deafness Research UK added: “We are warning young people that they are putting themselves at risk of going deaf 30 years earlier than their parents’ generation.”

The more frustrating part of the survey was that as many as 40 percent of the people questioned in the poll said they did not know that listening to loud music on a personal music player could damage hearing permanently.

Michael added: “Hearing loss can make life unbearable. It cuts people off from their family and friends and makes everyday communication extremely difficult.”

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